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SmartAccess X1

Temporarily Only $99

ThermoAccess A1

A-series is a collection of access control units capable of reading and presenting body temperatures at long range distances. ThermoAccess A1 is Protection Evolved's flagship model and provides noteworthy temperature accuracy with maximum variations of 0.3 °F at over 4 feet away! The most innovative method of performing fever checks at your business today! 

Unique Features:

• FCC-authorized device with German Thermal Imaging Sensor (Heimann)
• Temperature measurement range: over 4 feet!
• Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3°F (optimally +/- 0.1 °F)!
• Two second temperature detection speed (allows for extremely high accuracy measurements at long ranges)
• Alarm system for abnormal temperatures with adjustable alarm threshold.
• Viewable face+temperature capturings, and viewable real-time video playback.
• Adjustable screensaver to YOUR company's logo!
• Easy installation: plug and play!

ThermoAccess C2 Pro

The ThermoAccess C-series retains our high grade standards and build quality while coming in a different form factor than the A-series, making it a more affordable alternative.  ThermoAccess C2 Pro is a close range, high accuracy access control unit with a unique, modern LED digital display. It
incorporates a high quality infrared sensor that can demonstrate industry-defining accuracies within 0.2 °F. The most innovative method of performing fever checks at your business today! 

Unique Features:  

• FCC-authorized device with high-quality Infrared Sensor.
• Temperature measurement range (optimally): 4 inches (2.5 inches).
• Temperature measurement accuracy (optimally): ± 0.4°F (± 0.2°F).
• Less than one second temperature detection speed.
• Audible abnormal temperature warning alarm.
• Easy installation: plug and play! 

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works really well, Just aim and press the button. Temperature is displayed instantly in large easy to read numbers. This is sooo much better than having a thermometer under my tongue for five minutes. The packaging has an instruction manual if you want it, but the device is pretty much self-explanatory. You can also use it to measure the temperature of food, beverage (formula), and the room the baby is in. Seems to be well made. The buttons feel firm, but still easy to press. It fits comfortably in my hand and has a nice ergonomic feel to it
Hector D.Grant
We were honestly struggling to attract customers since everyone was so scared of contracting COVID-19. But after installing ThermoAccess A1, almost EVERY customer complimented us. I can't even stress how cool this device is! We've already ordered more for our other locations!!
Reshu Agarwal
One word - ACCURATE. I was a little spectacle of the low price, compared to others. Thus far, it has been accurate. TIP: Reading is fundamental. Per the instructions, "When you initially connect to power, wait 10-15 minutes for the device to warm up and adjust to room temperature."
Ronit Patnaik

About Protection Evolved

Protection Evolved strongly believes that implementing precautionary measures is the basis of preventing prolific virus transmissions. Thus, we heavily invested in touch-less thermometry concepts. This lead to the creation of the ThermoAccess series, our high-end and advanced fever detection products.