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Founded by Kartik Agarwal, Protection Evolved was formed with the intent of providing consistently evolved security measures. Having successfully achieved that, Protection Evolved has rapidly grown a reputation for providing extremely unique and high-quality protective equipment. This is because after extensive research, we have developed supreme products that were never affordable at these prices before. That being said, we are obsessed with every product we stock because we know there is virtually nothing better out there. 

Protection Evolved strongly believes that implementing precautionary measures is the basis of preventing prolific virus transmissions. Thus, we heavily invested in touch-less thermometry concepts. This lead to the creation of the ThermoAccess series, our high-end and advanced fever detection products. The flagship model of this collection, ThermoAccess A1, showcases our modern and innovative intentions with its long range body temperature detection capabilities. However, we  acknowledged that A1 is not extremely affordable to all people, so we launched an alternative with closer range temperature detection access control, ThermoAccess C1. Meanwhile, behind the scenes of this access control acquisition journey, we got our hands on one of the fastest and most accurate touch-less medical-grade thermometers in the world, AccuInfrared-100. 

Price matching guaranteed

We have noticed massive inflation in the thermometry industry, so we are doing our best to provide disease-deflecting equipment at super affordable prices. If you do find products with even remotely similar capabilities, those products are going to be much more expensive than our products. To be specific, products similar to ThermoAccess A1 range from $1450 to easily $3500.

That being said, we gladly encourage customers to do this research themselves so that they can happily encourage our products to other people!