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ThermoAccess A1: Touchless Body Temperature Scanner

$749.00 $1,399.00

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  • 🌡️ [Accurate Temperature Detection] With up to +/- 0.3 degree F accuracy, ThermoAccess A1 is one of the world's most consistent long range temperature kiosks for fevers today!
  • 🌡️ [Extremely Impressive Long Range with Masks] Optimally, high-accuracy temperature readings can be taken within 3.2 feet, however the device is capable of presenting temperatures for people over 5 feet away from the device even when masks are being worn!!
  • 🌡️ [High-quality device with Stand Included] FCC-authorized device with a German-made infrared sensor and beautiful 4.3 inch LCD display! Along with the device, we include our classy $99 height/angle adjustable stand!
  • 🌡️ [Boundless Usability] Applicable everywhere (offices, medical clinics, salons, supermarkets, shops, restaurants, apartments, hotels, train stations, community centers, building entrances, etc.) Add the modern, safety-inducing device that your location needs today!
  • 🌡️ [Warranty & Price Matching Guaranteed] No need to stress because a 1-year manufacturer warranty is included! The temperature detection market is currently extremely inflated, but we do not want to take advantage of this, instead we prefer to get our devices everywhere at minimal margin! This is why the prices that we offer are unmatchable by any other brand in the United States!

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Bette R. Branham

Amazing thermometer
Amazing thermometers, as i expected.Works really well. the long range detection is absolutely amazing.i would highly recommended .

Martha K. Bowker

Using this product for our restaurant openings after the pandemic. So easy, well made, price not bad, would buy again, we bought 3, one for each restaurant. The long range feature is well worth it.

Martha K. Bowker

Amazing service
wow! Just exactly what we needed at the perfect time. This Device is very fast, accurate and convenient. We use this all day long and it still works like a charm. I recommend the Thermo A1 to anyone who needs an accurate device to check for fever.

Reshu Agarwal

We were honestly struggling to attract customers since everyone was so scared of contracting COVID-19. But after installing ThermoAccess A1, almost EVERY customer complimented us. I can't even stress how cool this device is! We've already ordered more for our other locations!!

David Metcalf

working great
So far it’s working great! Looks super nice, and very accurate from far away. Very excited with this one already!! Two thumbs up

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